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Aaron Jones

Sett Ward

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Email : aaron@labourhighpeak.info

Telephone : 07505759298

Facebook : Aaron Jones for Sett

About Aaron

I have called New Mills home all of my life. Its public services matter to me, and since the Tory government came to office in 2010 I have seen bus services withdrawn, social services cut, children lose support at school and the sixth form close.

True, a local councillor can’t change the world, but with the right amount of commitment and determination I know we can improve lives in New Mills and the High Peak more generally.

I have experience of representing people, for two years I served as a student programme director for the University of Derby, making sure that students with disabilities and learning difficulties were given a fair chance at succeeding.

Therefore, I have decided to offer myself to the people of Sett as an advocate and someone with the ambition to make it a better place to live.