August 2019 HPBC Executive Meeting

August 2019 HPBC Executive MeetingThe council’s executive held a meeting on Thursday 15th August.

After thanking the staff that had been involved in the response to the Toddbrook Dam incident and flooding elsewhere in the borough, the following items were considered:

  1. Fourth Quarter (Provisional outturn) financial, procurement & performance review 2018/19

You can view the report by clicking here

2. Citizens Advice – Council Tax Protocol

The Citizen’s Advice Council Tax Protocol was adopted by the Council, you can read the report by clicking here, and here for Appendix A. There is some additional work that will be considered by the Council Tax Working Group.

The executive also considered and approved confidential reports on: Homes England Housing Infrastructure Fund – Acceptance of Grant Award, Review of Service Delivery Options for Housing Repairs, Supply and Installation of Kitchens – HRA Capital Programme 2019/20 & 2020/21 – Contract Award, Supporting the Council’s legal duties under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010, and Planning and Regeneration Staffing Structure

The reports were confidential due to them dealing with either current-pending council contracts and changes affecting council staff and their management arrangements.