Leader announces new political team to lead High Peak Borough Council

A photo of the new High Peak Borough Council Executive
The new executive front row (left to right) Cllr Damien Greenhalgh, Cllr Anthony Mckeown, second row Cllr Fiona Sloman, Cllr Alan Barrow, third row Cllr Jean Todd

New High Peak Borough Council leader Anthony Mckeown has announced the top political team that will lead the authority’s new Labour administration.

The five-strong Executive will be responsible for the running of the Council and making the key decisions following last week’s Annual Meeting (Wednesday 15th May 2019).

The five members of the Executive will also take over changed portfolio responsibilities to reflect the new administrations’ priorities.

One example of this is Councillor Jean Todd, who will be the new Executive member for Climate Change, Environment and Community Safety, is taking responsibility for bringing together the Council’s work around Environmental Issues, including how the Council will respond to declaring a climate emergency.

Councillor Mckeown said: “We have a strong and experienced team ready to take on and lead the Council’s administration. We will work hard to build on the trust of the electorate and make sure the Council will work to be on your side”.



Anthony Mckeown, Leader

The Executive is led by Councillor Anthony Mckeown, Labour councillor for Gamesley, who has previously served as deputy leader between 2011 and 2015. His responsibilities include Communication and community engagement, Emergency Planning, The Council’s reputation and external relationships, Strategic alliance, The Crescent, Building control, Development control, Planning policy, Planning enforcement, Assets and Customer Service


Damien Greenhalgh, Deputy Leader and Executive member for Regeneration, Tourism and Leisure

Councillor Damien Greenhalgh who represents Howard Town is Deputy Leader and Executive member for Regeneration, Tourism and Leisure with responsibilities which includes Economic development, Local Strategic Partnerships, Markets, Pavilion Gardens Complex, Regeneration Strategy, Tourism, Town centre regeneration, Glossop Halls, Arts and culture,  Playgrounds and parks, Public Toilets and Leisure.


Fiona Sloman, Housing and Licensing

Councillor Fiona Sloman who represents Stone Bench is Executive member for Housing and Licensing which includes Housing, Homelessness, Tenant engagement and participation, Private Sector Housing, Public Health, Street naming and Licensing (public entertainments, taxi and private hire, including fares, fees and ranks, theatres, etc).


Jean Todd, Climate Change, Environment and Community Safety

Councillor Jean Todd who represents Buxton Central is Executive member for Climate Change, Environment and Community Safety which includes Conservation, Environmental protection, Grounds maintenance, Refuse and recycling, Streetcare, Environmental protection, Recycling Strategy, and Community Safety.


Alan Barrow, Corporate Services and Finance

Councillor Alan Barrow, who represents New Mills East, is Executive member for Corporate Services and Finance, with a brief that includes overseeing the revenue budget, performance management, Human Resource and Organisational Development Strategy, Business continuity planning, Health and safety, Performance management, Risk management, Staff relations, Housing Benefit and Council Tax, and IT Strategy.

You can view a full list of the responsibilities by clicking here