Bob Mckeown


Bob Mckeown

Hadfield South Ward

Bob is Chair of the Development Control, and a member of the Licensing and Corporate Select Committees.

Ways to get in touch with Bob

Email :

Telephone : 01457 866688

Facebook : Bob and Edward your councillors for Hadfield South

About Bob

I have had the privilege of serving as a Labour councillor for the Hadfield South Ward since 2003. I have also been privileged to serve the community as Mayor of the High Peak.

As one of the councillors for Hadfield South, I have worked to sort out individual problems for local people and campaigned on broader issues such as saving local libraries.

Affordable housing is a crucial issue for local people, as a member of Development Control I have fought to ensure that developers honour their promises to build affordable housing.

If reelected I want to continue to work with local residents and party members to tackle their concerns and secure the election of a Labour Government so we can get the policy changes we need to help our local residents better.

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