Councillors of the High Peak Labour Group serve on council committees, the role of the main committees, along with the current Labour members is detailed below.

Aside from the council’s executive (click here for more details), there are two main types of committees that councillors serve on, these are:

  1. Scrutiny committees which consider decisions being made by the council, review and develop policies for the council and scrutinise outside bodies and agencies working in the High Peak.
  2. Regulatory committees which consider and make decisions on issues around planning, licensing and regulatory issues.

Audit and Regulatory Committee

Oversees the audit and corporate governance functions including financial accounts, treasury and risk management and electoral issues.

Members: Cllr Ollie Cross – Vice Chair, Cllr Rachael Quinn, Cllr Fiona Sloman.

Community Select Committee

Scrutinises areas such as public and private housing, homelessness, parks, sports facilities, arts, grants and benefits to voluntary organisations, community safety, environment (not land use planning) and social inclusion.

Members: Cllr Ed Kelly, Cllr Madeline Hall, Cllr Rachael Quin(chair), Cllr Ollie Cross, Cllr Stewart Gardner, Cllr Rachel Abbotts.

Corporate Select Committee

Co-ordinates the Select Committee Work Programme and scrutinises areas such as the Corporate Plan, finance, performance, asset management, and staffing issues.

Members: Cllr Bob Mckeown, Cllr Ollie Cross, Cllr Edward Siddall, Cllr Matt Stone, Cllr Graham Oakley, Cllr Ed Kelly.

Economy and Growth Select Committee

This Select Committee scrutinises areas such as strategic and neighbourhood planning matters, the Council’s Housing Strategy and tourism-related matters.

Members: Cllr Ian Huddlestone, Cllr Edward Siddall, Cllr Rob Baker, Cllr Madeline Hall, Cllr Rachael Quinn Cllr Stewart Gardner.

Development Control Committee

Has delegated powers from the Full Council to decide on planning applications and planning enforcement.

To serve on the Development Control Committee Councillors have to receive specific training which is updated on a regular basis.

Members: Cllr Bob Mckeown (Chair), Cllr Graham Oakley, Cllr Alan Barrow, Cllr Lance Dowson, Cllr Jean Todd, Cllr Ian Huddlestone.

Licensing Committee

Deals with licensing matters including taxi and private hire, licences issued under the Licensing Act 2003, Gambling Act 2005 or any subsequent legislation of a similar nature and the issue of new street trading consents. A subcommittee of 3 members deals with any applications.

To serve on licensing, councillors have to receive specific training which is updated on a regular basis.

Members: Cllr Matt Stone, Cllr Rob Baker (Chair), Cllr Ian Huddlestone, Cllr Lance Dowson, Cllr Ed Kelly, Cllr Bob Mckeown

Standards Committee

Promotes high standards of conduct amongst councillors and considers issues relating to training and financial allowances.

Members: Cllr Rachael Quinn (Chair), Cllr Stewart Gardner.

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