Damien Greenhalgh


Damien Greenhalgh

Deputy Leader of the Labour Group

Howard Town Ward

Damien is the Deputy Leader of the Council

Ways to get in touch with Damien

Email : damien@labourhighpeak.info

Telephone : 079120 15891

Facebook : Damien Greenhalgh

Twitter : damientg

Website – blog : https://damientg.co.uk


Damien Greenhalgh is proud to serve his hometown and represent the Howard Town Ward in which he lives.

He has fought to improve and retain services and support for Glossop people – often overlooked by decision-makers.

Doing this first as a school governor, then as a local councillor and charity trustee/director and now also through his job at a local charity.

He is particularly proud of his part in delivering the brand new state-of-the-art Glossopdale Community College, the combined library/adult education centre and the roll out of publicly-accessible defibrillation machines across the town.

Damien continues to be very accessible to residents via monthly surgeries, social media and at the end of a phone or email whenever they need him.

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