David Kerr

Photo of David Kerr

David Kerr

Stone Bench Ward

Vice Chair of the Labour Group

David is a member of the Community Select Committee, Licensing Committee, Corporate Select Committee and the Audit and Regulatory Committee.

Ways to get in touch with David

Email : david@labourhighpeak.info

Telephone : 07903848067

Facebook : Fiona and David for Stone Bench

About David

I was born and raised round here and moved home as soon as I finished my degree.

Since then I’ve worked locally, at Buxton Press, Primopost and now Selden, working alongside the people I grew up with and that is why I would gladly relish the opportunity to continue to serve and work alongside the tremendous people who make Fairfield what it is.

Fairfield has at times been neglected, if re-elected I will continue to work hard to protect our cherished local services from the Tory axe and fight to make sure that we as a community get our fair share.  

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