Fiona Sloman

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Fiona Sloman

Stone Bench Ward

Fiona is the Executive Member for Housing and Licensing

Ways to get in touch with Fiona

Email :

Telephone : 07985634985

Facebook : Fiona and David for Stone Bench

Twitter : Fiona Sloman

About Fiona

Fiona Sloman has lived in Buxton for over 20 years and her daughters went to the Community School. Fiona was elected in 2011 and has served on the council’s housing committee. She helped bring the housing back under the control of the council and has worked for improvements to the service since. 

In the last four years, Fiona has been vice-chair of the council’s audit and regulatory committee and has worked hard to make our council more accountable, trying to cut through the Tories veil of secrecy put in place on many important decisions. 

Fiona has enjoyed helping local people with their problems and asks you to support her with your vote. 

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