Ian Huddlestone

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Ian Huddlestone

New Mills East Ward

Ian is a member of the Licensing Committee, Development Control Committee, Economy and Growth Select Committee and the Climate Change Working Group

Ways to get in touch with Ian

Email : ianhuddlestone@labourhighpeak.info

Telephone : 07919467744

Facebook : Ian and Allan for New Mills East

About Ian

I have lived and worked in the High Peak area all my life. For many years I was a Postman, I am now semi-retired and I am married to Brenda. Between us, we have ten children and fourteen grandchildren, life can get hectic at times.

I am standing again because these are difficult times for most people and feel that the Labour Party are the only party to offer an alternative to the decimation of our society by the Tories.

At a local level, we need to show we can make a difference. Last year’s election result was a step in the right direction and with your continued support, we can take control of High Peak Borough Council.

New Mills is a marvellous place to work and live with some amazing people who do a lot in the community. We need a council who will support this valuable work.

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