Matt Stone

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Matt Stone

Buxton Central Ward

Matt is Chair of the Licensing Committee, and Vice Chair of the Corporate Select Committee

Ways to get in touch with Matt

Email :

Telephone : 01298 27907

Facebook : Buxton Central Councillors

Twitter : Matthewstone92

About Matt

Matt Stone has been a councillor for four years and was the borough’s youngest ever Mayor. He is keen to see more young people involved in local government. 

Matt said: “I enjoy being on the council and making a difference and I think over the past four years I have earned the respect of other councillors by not just accepting this is how things are done but questioning why and pushing boundaries.” 

He went to Buxton infant and junior schools and the Buxton Community School and used to organise the summer sports club for the community school pupils. 

Matt, is a part of the management team at Sainsbury’s on the Market Place in Buxton. 

“Politics is not just for certain generations it is for everyone and if my lasting legacy is that I have encouraged other people to speak up and have a voice, I think that is one to be very proud of.” 

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