Local councillors what can we do for you ?

Local Councillor’s – What can we do for you ? The below details were originally put together by the City and County of Swansea to help outline the role of a Councillor and whilst they are not a definitive guide to the role of a Councillor, it does outline some of the roles local Councillor do.

Decision Maker
Your Councillor makes decisions about how Council services are run and may also be a decision maker for your local school, your community partnership or your community centre

If you feel strongly about something that affects you, then you should let your Councillor know – they can make sure that your views are represented.

Community Volunteer
Your Councillor is likely to be involved in local community activities, projects and groups, giving advice, organising support and making sure that things are happening for old and young alike.

If you want to get involved in your community let your Councillor know – they can help you arrange some volunteering.

picture of question mark signpostSignposter
Your Councillor will know a lot about the services offered by the Council and by other agencies. They can explain why things are done, the way they are done, and why decisions have been made.

If you have something that needs sorting out or you need some advice and you are not sure who to contact ask your Councillor – even if they don’t know they will probably know someone who does!

Your Councillor keeps an eye out to ensure that local services are provided properly and that any problems are reported and sorted whether it’s faulty street lights, potholes, graffiti or abandoned cars.  Councillors also have a wider scrutiny role which means that they can look at area-wide issues and come up with solutions.

If you spot something that needs sorting out in your community let your Councillor know, it might be part of a wider issue.

Your Councillor sometimes deals with complex disputes that people have with the Council or with other agencies by providing confidential advice, suggesting solutions, and, in some cases, representing people at meetings and through letters.  They may also hold regular local surgeries where you can discuss your concerns.

If you have a complaint or a dispute with the Council or other agency and you don’t feel confident about dealing with it yourself, let your Councillor know – they may be able to help.

Your Councillor may be involved in campaigning for changes in your community or area-wide, in charities and in voluntary groups.

If you are interested in starting a campaign on a particular issue, then contact your Councillor – they can give you advice and maybe even some support.


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